Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats
Canada's Largest Fishing Boat dealership now has Ontario's Largest Indoor Showroom! We carry 5 Brands of fishing boats: Smoker Craft Boats, Starcraft Marine, Alumacraft, KingFisher, and Striper Boats. Each Brand of Boat that we carry has it's own distinct Features and Benefits for you to look at and decide what is right for you.

Starcraft Fishing Boat Dealer starcraft-fishing-boats_1_orig

Fishing Boats by Starcraft Marine are just that little bit different. Built on a Box frame, with a reverse chine the whole length of the boat and a menacing bow that dwarfs other brands. These fishing boats are built for the rough stuff. Going on Erie, Ontario or Georgian bay...Get a Starcraft - It will keep you safe!

Smokercraft Fishing Boat Dealer smoker-craft-fishing-boats_orig

Fishing Boats by Smokercraft have changed the Ontario landscape. Riveted aluminum hulls with all the amenities - make for an unbelievable value. Take some time and look at the new Smokercraft Fishing boat line-up at Marsh's Marina and find out what the best value on the market is!

Kingfisher Fishing Boat Dealer kingfisher-fishing-boats_1_orig

Welded Plate Aluminum Fishing boats by Kingfisher are the Pinnacle of aluminum boat construction in the world! Boasting ocean going vessels from 33' all the way down to 16" This Canadian manufacturer does not cut a corner anywhere. The joke is you will be giving this boat to your grandkids.

Alumacraft Fishing Boat Dealer alumacraft-fishing-boats_orig

Alumacraft builds a Fishing boat that rivals the highest quality in the industry, A drier ride, faster out of the whole, more storage an unrivaled top end to compared to any brand...The Alumacraft Fishing Boat makes it easier to fish - and better yet - catch the next memory

Striper Fishing Boat Dealer alumacraft-fishing-boats_orig

Striper is the brand of choice of hardcore fisherman and astute boaters looking for great value, excellent fishing amenities and one of the finest running hulls crafted today. Built in the same the very same factory as Carver and Marquis Yachts, Striper boats will continue to be on the cutting edge of comfort and style without losing its roots as ‘one heck of a fishing boat’. Comparable in quality to other glass liner boats such as Grady White, Key West, Boston Whaler and Scout; Striper continues to lead the pack in fishing innovations, value for money and overall customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to haul in the big one or looking for a family cruise Striper has you covered.

Fishing Boats
High Performance Fishing Boats for the ultimate fishing Experience!

Here at Marsh's Marina, we carry 5 main brands of new fishing boats: Smoker Craft fishing Boats, Starcraft Fishing Boats, Alumacraft Fishing Boats, KingFisher Fishing Boats and Striper Fishing Boats. We also carry a full assortment of other used brands from time to time such as: Legend fishing boats, Alumacraft fishing boats, G3 fishing boats, Lund fishing boats, Princecraft fishing boats, Crestliner fishing boats, Sylvan fishing boats and Tracker fishing boats to name a few. These brands are all great now a days and you have to figure out what is important to you...ride and handling, size and shape and of coarse cost. With so many brands, models and costs it's easy to lose sight of what's important.

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