TriToon Boats Ontario

TriToon Boats Ontario

The ride on tritoon is unbelievably smooth across rough water because on the center pontoon and the Lifting Strakes. The boat gets a lot lift from the strakes and pontoon making it feel like you are just floating across the lake. Typically, a pontoon in rough water can be treatous, but not the tritoon, It just skims across the waves. Both boats are very maneuverable around the docks. The need of people desiring to go faster, pull more, larger fuel tanks, additional transom strength, etc….. have migrated into that third pontoon sitting in the middle and reducing any additional flexing of the wide pontoon decks! If you live on a small lake, don’t take out a lot of people or gear and don’t have the need to go fast, then you should just look for a more traditional pontoon boat. However, if you want to make your Pontoon boat a 'High Performance SUV".

Then add the package, you won't regret it. The package inculdes:

Third Tube for TriToon
Gain buoyancy, reduce friction gain fuel efficiency and go faster with the same horsepower when you add a centre or 3rd tube to your pontoon boat making it a TriToon boat. You also get a higher resale value for a Tritoon boat down the road!


Lifting Strakes
Gain stability, jump out of the whole quicker, cut corners more effectively without sliding, make the boats frame more rigid and increase the amount of hull touching the water at high speeds making the boat much safer with lifting strakes on your next pontoon boat or Tritoon!


Aluminum Under Vessel Protection
Protect the undercarriage, frame and floor, reduce friction and wind resistance and strengthen the boat by adding the Under liner option when ordering you new Tritoon from Marsh's Marina.


Hydraulic Steering
Unmatched comfort and control only with SeaStar Hydraulic steering. The world’s most popular outboard hydraulic system offers smooth, super-efficient steering for today’s high performance TriToon hulls. Suitable for speeds up to 80 MPH.

TriToon Pontoon Boats Ontario
High Performance Pontoon Boats for the ultimate boating Experience!

Thanks to advancements in pontoon performance, you can now take full advantage of all the freedom and flexibility a pontoon boat has to offer. When you choose a tube configuration with HMX Performance Strakes, you can expect better lift, less surface drag, increased speed, faster planing and a tighter turning radius that allows you to dig and pivot to quickly rejoin a downed skier.

Add a higher horsepower engine to this innovative tube design, and you'll experience exhilaration you never dreamed possible in a pontoon. In addition, the PR25 and PR20 center tube options provide for an integrated ski pylon and 25" and 20" transom heights for your choice of engine shaft. Discover for yourself how the third tube configurations and Performance Strakes combine the personality of a ski boat with the versatility you love in a pontoon.

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